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Aang:  Why is the Avatar Spirit a human in every life? Wouldn't it be better if the Avatar was an all-powerful spirit that never died?

Yangchen: I don't think so. The Avatar must be compassionate towards all people, and the only way to do that is to live with them. The Avatar must experience sadness, anger, joy, and happiness. By feeling all these emotions, it helps you understand how precious human life is, so you will do anything to protect it. If you were an all-powerfull spirit living on the top of some mountain.... you wouldn't have much in common with an ordinary person.

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"The bridge between our worlds…"

"The bridge between our worlds…"

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We are bonded forever.


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THE AVATAR CARD (by Acephrodite)

Aang, you little lying shit.

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We had the idea for the lion-turtle early in the series and always knew he would play an important role in helping Aang unlock his skill that would help him defeat the Fire Lord. The lion-turtle is the oldest creature in the Avatar world, from a time that predates the Avatar and bending. We planted the mythic creature's image in a few places throughout the series. It first appeared in the pilot episode's main title, then later Aang saw a picture of one in "The Library," and there were also lion turtle statues around the grounds of Piandao's castle.(Avatar The Last Airbender - The Art of The Animated Series. )

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Favourite ATLA Scenes (in no particular order)

So far, this intermission is the best part of the play.

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Bolin you got to stop bringing in your crazy fangirls.

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